Sports Performance Development, Olympic Style Weightlifting Training, Technique and Speed Strength Development, Coaching and Structured Training Programs Creation, Plyometrics Exercises, Strength Training,

Speed & Power Development, Rapid Muscle Extension and Contraction Development.

About the HoundWood Gym


The HoundWood Gym is a training facility purely dedicated to youth, junior and experienced competitive athletes for Olympic Style Weightlifting and Sports Performance Development. The HoundWood Gym is dedicated and focuses on:


Sports Performance Development

Olympic Style Weightlifting Training

Technique and Speed Strength Development

Coaching and Structured Training Programs Creation

Plyometrics Exercises

Strength Training

Speed & Power Development

Rapid Muscle Extension and Contraction Development



Sonny - Our Mascot


Sonny, the HoundWood Gym Head Coach's 130 pound, pure breed, liver and tan bloodhound, is the HoundWood Gym Mascot and also the Mascot for the USAW HoundWood Weightlifting Team and the USATF HoundWood Sprinters Club. Sonny celebrates his birthday every August 19th (he was born in the year 2010) by eating a chicken and rice birthday cake made especially for him. During training, Sonny hangs out in the HoundWood Gym, watching all the HoundWood Athletes make great gains and lends his support and big, heavy paw... for at least until his dinner is ready.


Hanging out of the side of his mouth in the photo shown here (which is the photo used in the logo) was the cats' toy mouse. Sonny's only interest in this mouse was to keep it away from the cats, as he is a very jealous dog who cannot share affection. As you can see, he is looking for praise for capturing their mouse. However, at the end of the day, all is forgotten, as Sonny and the cats all sleep together in the same bed. Sonny's hobbies are playing tug of war with his toys and our socks, chasing the cats, playing with the Houndwood Gym Athletes, waiting for food to fall off the counter, and staring at his cookie jar so you can give him a cookie. He likes sniffing around, sleeping on pillows, walks, bones, and watching TV with the family. He dislikes baths. His interests are being on the other side of the door, and chasing and barking at other animals.



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